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A connection across the world....

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

One year ago Kidmore End PCC were approached by a Canadian diving team who were exploring the debris of a sunken WW2 Aircraft that crashed in Lake Erie in June 1943. Their information was that the plane had been flown by William Charles Smith, aged 17, whose parents came from Kidmore End according to CWGC. The PCC were asked if they could trace any living relatives. They in turn passed the query on to us. Now, a year later, we have successfully researched William, whose name is actually Charles William Frederick Smith. Following an article we placed in the Henley Standard, we are now in contact with 2 relatives of Charles. Our research was trying to trace him for the Shiplake Memorial listing, and he is not in fact included on the Kidmore End Memorial.

Full story to follow.

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